5 Search Engine Optimization tactics that you totally need to shun!

There are a number of less-than reputable ways to “optimize” your website for search engines, but such black hat SEO techniques leave your website exposed to penalties and unprotected in the event of algorithmic changes.

Today let us look at such SEO techniques which can cause harm instead of benefiting your website and may even lead to your site getting penalized and so need to be avoided.

1. Poor Quality Link Building: Inbound links from low quality pages can actually serve to devalue your website, ultimately impacting you negatively. Tons of ads, thin or poor quality content, and lots of content but low traffic may indicate that a particular website is not a good backlink opportunity.

Furthermore, this practice falls under Google’s definition of a link scheme, and when used in excess, it can hurt your website.

2. Keyword Stuffing: It was common for people to stuff the content on their sites with their target keywords. This is no longer the case. According to Google, you should not stuff your content with keywords. This is because it will result to penalization which will be dire on your part. The best way of going about it is adding one or two keywords in your content.

3. Anchor Text Link Building Strategies: For a very long time, the use of anchor texts greatly increased the ranking of a site. The bad news is that this has changed and if you use optimized anchor text you will be penalized.

With the introduction of Google’s Penguin update in May last year, this is flagged as a blatant attempt to manipulate search engine rankings, which search engines are adamantly opposed to. To avoid being penalized by the search engines, you should avoid using optimized anchors and instead use naked URLs. You can also use branded URLs and long phrases.

4. Duplicate Content: Avoiding duplicate content is a well-known SEO best practice, yet people still copy and spin content in order to hit valued keywords as many times as possible over as many avenues as they can.

The problem with this is that search engine algorithms can detect duplicated content with relative ease, and when they do, websites employing this method suffer the consequences. The key is to produce original, unique content that is likely to be used, cited and shared, which indicates to search engines that it is valuable and relevant.

5. Low-quality & Spammy Guest Blogging: Guest blogging is a powerful SEO method as it plays a huge role of increasing brand awareness and building author rank. Due to the importance of the method, many people have misused it by creating spammy blog posts.

If you are used to creating these posts, you need to stop. This is because Google has said that it is going to crack down all links that are irrelevant to your site’s theme. For example, if a link of your ‘internet marketing’ site is found on a weight loss site, you will be penalized.

CONCLUSION: These are some of the SEO techniques that you should stop using. You should remember that SEO has not died; it has only changed and you need to adapt to the new strategies for you to survive.

Employ legitimate, solid SEO practices, and your website traffic and accompanying sales will greatly improve.


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