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10 questions to ask when you sit in an interview for Digital Marketing Manager

The role and responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Manager varies from one organization to another. Regardless of the size of your organization you work for, your future employer must outline the major responsibilities of your job so that a clear job description (JD) is created for you.

Without clarity in JD, it will not be possible for you to actively participate in your annual performance review. To facilitate the same, i have come up with 10 very important questions that you can ask in an interview for Digital Marketing Manager:

  1. What are my areas of responsibility?  Ask for a detailed list or talk through them to make a list. For example, specific projects, campaigns, or programs that you will manage.
  2. Who is my direct manager?  What level in the organization is he/she? What experience does this person have with digital marketing?
  3. What is my job title (more important in larger organizations)?
  4. How many employees will I have to manage (for larger organizations)?
  5. What vendors will I responsible for managing? Request a list or build one based in inspecting their current marketing budget.
  6. Will I have the ability to approve marketing investments? Up to what dollar amount?
  7. How will my performance be measured and who will evaluate my performance?
  8. If my performance tied to financial bonuses? If yes, what is the compensation plan?  How long will you guarantee this plan will not change?
  9. What reports am I expected to generate and how often? Does the organization want paper or electronic reports?
  10. What are the travel requirements and travel reimbursement policy for this role?

Define performance metrics and outline goals clearly before you start

You must understand the goals that will be set for your work. By asking the above questions, your job description will accurately document the responsibilities that were communicated when you were hired. Define the performance metrics that will be part of your annual review. Be as specific as possible, so that your expectations and those of the dealership executive team are in sync.

Each year your job description may need to be edited to reflect new opportunities, technologies, and responsibilities. Don’t ignore this step! Having an outdated job description does not help you or the business.